The BIBLIOPHONE 1000 Words Heard Competition

And the winners are…

Judging is complete! And it gives us great pleasure to announce our talented winners and their narrators, so take a trip over to the winners’ enclosure to find out who’s been chosen.



Autumn Son by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater

Genre: Poetry

Written and narrated by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater.



Their October moon
Their autumn son
You are their blessing
Their thrill, their fun

You cannot know
Or yet understand…


In The Garden Cover

In the Garden by Alicia Rayn

Genre: Short story

Written by Alicia Rayn and narrated by Duncan Stripp.


In the Garden chronicles the final moments of a life well-lived – not a famous or extraordinary life, but one filled with the beauty of a garden and the love of a mother for her son. As only a mother could, Delia reassures her son that beauty and love persist to the end, though body and mind may both diminish.


Dinner isn't Luncheon by Alex Barr Cover Image

Dinner Isn’t Luncheon by Alex Barr

Genre: Short story

Written by Alex Barr and narrated by Steve Blizin.


When Harry is elected chair of the Windmill Club, despite being a newcomer, it seems the village has taken him to its heart. But when he starts to wonder what the club is for, his life takes a downward spiral.

Average listener rating: 10/10


The Ghost Of El Borracho Cover Image

The Ghost Of El Borracho by Steve Blizin

Genre: Poetry

Written and narrated by Steve Blizin.

A dark southwestern flavored cowboy poem.

Average listener rating: 10/10



Escape by Allie van den Heuvel

Escape by Allie van den Heuvel

Genre: Suspense

Written by Allie van den Heuvel and narrated by Rebecca Roberts.

An entire life’s journey in under 1000 words.

Average listener rating: 10/10


Buying Time by Mary Bevan

Buying Time  by Mary Bevan

Genre: Drama

Written by Mary Bevan and narrated by Suzie Althens.

Suppose you were given the chance to live an hour of your life over again, doing something you wished you had done. How would you feel? And how might it change your outlook on things? This is the story of one man’s experience.

Average listener rating: 10/10
The Butterfly CoverThe Butterfly by Gregory Heath

Genre: Suspense

Written by Gregory Heath and narrated by Pamela van der Wal.

Kelly watched him as he pulled himself up into a sitting position. His eyes were sunken and dark. There were beer cans lying around him, like her daddy had at Christmas, although her daddy would have tidied them up. ‘Aren’t you being a bit brave?’ he said, ‘inviting yourself into my garden?’

She bit her lip and cast her glance sideways. ‘I was looking for a butterfly. It was yellow.’


Holiday Temptation by Patsy Collins cover

Holiday Temptation by Patsy Collins

Genre: Suspense

Written by Patsy Collins and narrated by Jaicie Kirkpatrick.

Patsy loves to travel, but is giving a firm ‘no comment’ on the research required for this story.



edgarmillionpodcast Cover Image1

UrbEx by Edgar Million

Genre: Horror

Written and narrated by Edgar Million.

I shouldn’t be here.
I only broke into the old asylum to take a few photos, UrbEx style, but now he’s downstairs, carrying a sack with what appears to be a body in it.
I need to escape, but every way I turn leads me closer into the trap.

Notice: This work contains adult content.


edgarmillionpodcast Cover Image1

Possibility by Edgar Million

Genre: Psychological

Written and narrated by Edgar Million.

What happens after you die? Instead of nothing, or heaven, you discover a world where every possible you who ever lived exists in a world made entirely of you.



Stephen 111

Cult of You by C. Stephen Foster

Genre: Poetry





Clear Cover image

Clear by Rebecca Roberts

Genre: Poetry

Written and narrated by Rebecca Roberts.

The ebb and flow of passion, angst, and resolve; in love and marriage.



Billy Ray Dreams of Monsters book cover

Billy Ray Dreams of Monsters by Edgar Million

Genre: Psychological

Written by Edgar Million and narrated by Jaicie Kirkpatrick.

Billy Ray sleeps and dreams of monsters lurking in the darkness.

They watch and wait. Billy Ray dreams of monsters. One day monsters may dream of him.

Average listener rating: 10/10
Bibliophone Book Cover

An Averment by Jason Alan Wilkinson

Genre: Poetry

Written by Jason Alan Wilkinson and narrated by Pamela van der Wal.



Winter's Promise CoverWinter’s Promise by Jason Renton

Genre: Poetry

My second poem here at Bibliophone! As you might be able to tell, I am inspired by the earth we live on and the systems of nature which surround us, not forgetting the weather cycle which, like most Brits, I tend to bemoan all too often. ‘Winter’s Promise’ is about a season which comes freighted with the disappointment of an indifferent climate, but which progresses into Spring nevertheless, when all begins again. It is narrated by the wonderful Frank Di Piazza.


Bibliophone Book CoverI did or didn’t do it by Black Hamlet

Genre: Poetry

Trying to deny it was you getting caught picking your nose in the car.


Kaieteur Falls Cover2Kaieteur Falls by Jason Renton

Genre: Poetry

A poem I wrote inspired by the majesty of Kaieteur Falls (as if you couldn’t guess!) in Guyana, South America. A truly magical, awe-inspiring phenomenon which made me realise how small we are. I’ve had it narrated by the amazing Patrice Gambardella.


White Iron Maiden Cover Image

White Iron Maiden by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater

Genre: Poetry

I can’t breathe
Not from the weight of the crinoline skirts
Or the pinwheel roses
It isn’t the dupioni silk
Cascading in a ball gown silhouette…


Smashwords cover the villager

The Villager by Matt Kruze

Genre: Thriller

“A neat little thriller…” A tranquil village. An international conspiracy. A predator with diabolical intentions. Returning home to his corner of rural Buckinghamshire, former Paratrooper and Afghanistan veteran Sam Faris receives a disturbing call from his friend Celia. Celia’s husband Andrew has descended into an emotional abyss, barely able to communicate. Desperate to identify the source of his sudden malaise, Celia turns to Sam for help. But Andrew’s fate has been sealed. A stranger is stalking the village and in a conspiracy that will rock the very core of international security, Sam’s fellow villagers will be taken one by one until his home is rendered a ghost town…