A Holiday to Remember by Ellie Martin

A Holiday to Remember by Ellie Martin CoverA Holiday to Remember
by Ellie Martin

Genre: YA

Written and narrated by Ellie Martin
Copyright ©2017 by Ellie Martin



A holiday abroad – time away to forget about responsibilities of a growing family – relaxation and peace of mind – until you come home!

A Holiday to Remember!


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about the author

I was born in the East End of London in an area that was still covered by wartime debris, where we lived in an old house supported by three wooden buttresses. It was small and very cold in winter, heated by a coal fire and a paraffin stove where Mum worked endlessly shopping, cooking and cleaning everything manually.

What a change to the life we live now surrounded with technology at our fingertips, yet, personally I feel I have been privileged to have experienced that time, to have had a foot in each camp, be it modern or out dated, because even though push button A/B telephones and black and white TV doesn’t sound terribly interesting to the young, the community and determination of the people of those days continually pull so many of my emotional cords.


listener reviews

The Sleep over by Maria Adams on 9 May 2017

A short story of a couple with teenage children, debating a family holiday. The children were not keen to go on holiday with their parents they felt, as we all can when we hit our teens; that mum and dad are no longer cool to be with on holiday.

After a lot of heart searching eventually it was agreed that the children could be left and be responsible to look after the house.

It happened, the teenage party with their friend; an accident that was to ruin the couch only hours before the parents return home, who vowed never again. Would the insurance pay out for a replacement sofa or was this a very expensive lesson??

Rating: 10/10