a story.

A year ago, Paul was looking for a unique way to market his written works and develop his author platform.

The concept of the audio book had been a whisper in the back of his mind for some time, a way to open up his writing skills (a debatable definition of his literary prowess if ever there was one!) to a wider audience.

So Paul bought a second hand microphone on-line for £20, downloaded some free audio recording software, and within a day had transformed one of his short thrillers into an audio story.

The whole process was so simple, the sources of help and advice so prolific, that he began to wonder why he hadn’t done it before. But the fact remained: to pass the stringent automated quality tests put in place by some of the major on-line retailers, Paul would have to tinker with the sound of his file until it came across as something like that issuing from an old AM radio. Moreover, to make the story sound less human took considerable input and commitment.

What he needed was a platform that allowed a writer to upload their audio file without any constraints. One that said: if you’re happy with it, publish it. It shouldn’t matter whether you recorded your words in a hi tech studio or in the cupboard under your stairs – it should be your choice about what you present to the world.

And so BIBLIOPHONE was born.

For the established story teller or poet, for the amateur, for the creative experimenter.

For the adventurous.


Bibliophone is a platform for your expression. It’s a place for you to tell your story, to be heard, to explore your creativity. If you’re an author – and it doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, non-fiction or poetry – the one thing you might not have got round to yet is recording your words in audio. Think about it: you’ve explored the written word, you have your pride and joy published on a couple of author platforms and you’re enjoying that unique and wonderful fulfilment that comes from seeing your work in print.

Well Bibliophone offers you the ideal partnership for your printed work: the audio version. Access to a whole new dimension of word lovers. It’s a brand new and diverse channel to spread the word and let everyone know you’re out there and that you’re someone to listen to. In fact if you have a handful of poems or ebooks, why not record one of them and then link to your author page on Amazon or Smashwords, or your blog? If people like what they hear on Bibliophone they’ll be clamouring to discover more of what you have to offer.

Recording an audiobook is easy and with free software like Audacity available for download, it’s also good on the wallet. It’s free to upload your work to Bibliophone and best of all, it’s free for listeners to access it. There’s no membership, no monthly charges, you just search and click play. Because it’s so simple for listeners Bibliophone represents a great marketing tool for you. And we won’t charge you a penny as an author. Not now. Not ever.

can I make money from publishing on BIBLIOPHONE?

Watch this space! At the moment Bibliophone is a way to spread the word about you and your talents, but in future we hope to introduce an advertising option whereby you’ll be able to place an audio advert (just like a short radio ad) at the start of your book or poem and earn a revenue from that. A bit like YouTube’s Monetize option. But first we need to populate Bibliophone. So all you poets, thriller writers, romantic novelists – whatever your genre – now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor.

how do I record and audio book or poem?

Recording your work is simple. Go here for our guide and keep an eye out for the Bibliophone Blog coming soon, which will have all kinds of hints and tips including a forum for users to share advice.

Be a BIBLIOPHONER. Your audience awaits.