Amigo! Friend! by Dee Len

amigo-friend-by-dee-len-coverAmigo! Friend!
by Dee Len

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2016 by Dee Len



Don arrives home tired, wet and cold to find a family of three who have taken shelter inside his porch way. What should he do? Follow him though an emotional journey of turmoil and conscience.


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about the author

I ask myself the same question, hoping I would have a Christian answer but words do not always easily translate into deeds, so the question remains unanswered.


listener reviews

humbled by Jean Ottaway on 26 November 2016

I read the authors notes and was not sure what to expect. I was curious as I began my journey through the script.
Once more I found that the author Dee Len had the ability to invoke many emotions as she described the needs of a refugee family. How their rescuer battled with his own emotions and needs and insecurities . This was a good example of human need and the satisfaction of giving. Well worth the time to listen

Rating: 7/10