Archie Payne ~Never a Soldier~ by Dee Len

Archie Payne Never a Soldier CoverArchie Payne ~ Never a Soldier ~
by Dee Len

Genre: Biography

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2017 by Dee Len



Battles come in many shapes and sizes, each bringing their own trauma.

Archie Payne knew this as he struggled with mind and body to overcome the most debilitating periods of his life.

During a time when superstition and uncompromisingly judgements were prevalent, and peace in our time long and arduous.


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about the author

I stopped working full time approximately ten years ago and like all major life changes, it took time to find myself again. For a couple of years I did part-time work and played with colouring, drawing and even studying wild flowers, but not very successfully, I have to admit, until a very close friend challenged me to write.

I loved everything about it, choosing names for the characters, researching plots and building emotions from all of life’s little gems. Back then I never believed anyone would ever listen to my stories but now I hope that they will, moreover enjoy the experience and like me want to keep coming back.


listener reviews

A high price to pay by Jean Ottaway on 30 May 2017

A compelling and sad story, about a young lad who had an illness that caused a complete change in character and behaviour. In a time when Antibiotics were not known. (Many illnesses that are controlled today destroyed lives.) like Archie; The hardship this caused him and his family would have been immense. A turn in temper for the smallest thing and his punishment would have been harsh. To be trapped in this spiral would be so destroying ; Sad and painful for them all.

We are so fortunate to live in a world that now has the drugs to stop these awful illnesses. With immunisation programmes at a young age many of these diseases can be kept at bay.

Rating: 10/10