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If you’re an author or narrator you already know that the audio book industry is big. Around $3bn worldwide kind of big. It’s one of the most important sectors in the book world thanks to its recent growth in a time when other formats have plateaued or dwindled. Okay, given that BIBLIOPHONE is a platform for audio books, you probably think we’re trying to blow our own trumpet. Well, we’re not. Because as a writer or a narrator, you’re the real talent of the audio book industry. What we want to do is help you blow your trumpet. And as always, it’s absolutely free.

Let’s say you’re a talented writer whose creative juices are fired up by the thought of getting that evocative imagery down in print. The feeling you get as your fingers hover over a keyboard and the words begin to flicker across the page is electric. It gets you up in the morning and, just occasionally, stops you from sleeping at night too.

We know that feeling. We get it.

Perhaps you like the idea of breathing life into your written words, adding another dimension to your story by having it spoken aloud. (Believe it or not, we get that too).

But what we also understand is that not everyone likes the idea of speaking into a microphone and having the world hear their voice.

That’s where the BIBLIOPHONE matchmaker comes in.

Before we carry on, a word to our narrators friends because this one’s for you too.

The writing world is brimming with talented authors, but it’s wonderfully replete with genius narrators – talented voices who deserve exposure. So with that in mind, we think it’s high time to bring you both together: writers and narrators in copacetic harmony.

Take a look through the titles on BIBLIOPHONE and you’ll see that each has its own dedicated page. On that page, as well as a book cover and synopsis, is an author bio section. And, if there’s a separate narrator, a narrator bio too. Whether you’re a story teller who speaks or a story teller who writes, you can add whatever information you like. Links to your website, social media, blog – even to other platforms where you have work available to buy. Because we want you to get publicity and we want to make your dream work, because without passionate authors and narrators, we just wouldn’t be here.

And if you’re a busy narrator, there couldn’t be a better place to show off your talents. In the BIBLIOPHONE matchmaker category boards you’ll find sections for stories containing less than 1000 words, right up to 10,000 words plus and everything in between. So whether you’re looking to record a quick five minute yarn or a full length novel, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

So what do you do next?

If you’re a writer, simply go to our story uploader and submit your work.

If you’re a narrator, browse the category boards below and if something grabs you, submit your interest via the form on that board. We’ll send you the story and the author’s contact email so that if you chose to narrate it, you can let them know you’re interested. You’re under no obligation whatsoever and you can request to read as many stories as you like. If you like one and think you’d bring it to life, great. If nothing takes your fancy – no problem, just check back another time.

The BIBLIOPHONE matchmaker service is a new way to get your words and your voice out into the world for everyone to hear. It’s a free service and a great chance to develop your platform as an author or narrator. And who knows, maybe it’ll lead to lots of happy relationships.

The BIBLIOPHONE matchmaker.




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