Billy Ray Dreams of Monsters by Edgar Million

Billy Ray Dreams of Monsters book coverBilly Ray Dreams of Monsters
by Edgar Million

Genre: Psychological

Written by Edgar Million and narrated by Jaicie Kirkpatrick
Copyright ©2015 by Edgar Million. Cover image created by Carsten Schertzer

Billy Ray sleeps and dreams of monsters lurking in the darkness.

They watch and wait. Billy Ray dreams of monsters. One day monsters may dream of him.



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about the author

Edgar Million: Author of an eclectic mix of stories across a range of different genres. Go to Smashwords for more:

‘Billy Ray Dreams of Monsters’ is narrated by voice talent Jaicie Kirkpatrick.

You can find Jaicie at the following places:

Twitter: @Jaicie_VO

listener reviews

Great imagery. by Fatmod5000 on 27 March 2016

I don’t usually like this sort of thing but this really hooked me in – I can still hear Jaicie’s voice ringing round my head. Great imagery, feels almost like a poem, albeit a creepy one. Loved it.

Rating: 10/10