BreaKing Boundaries by Dee Len Chapter III: A Helping Hand

BreaKing Boundaries Chapter 3 CoverBreaKing Boundaries Chapter III: A Helping Hand
by Dee Len

Genre: Romance

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2017 by Dee Len



Mark wanted to help this boy, because this was more than just a job to him. Many in this position would simply have locked him up and thrown away the Key, but whatever decision he made, would need to be both quick and drastic, if they were going to succeed.


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The tide turns by Jean Ottaway on 28 February 2017

Mark is in prison. How help arrives from the most unexpected place. It shows Mark another side of life and ignites his inner want to learn and progress in life
His world turns around for the better and he feels confident to contact his mother and the tide of life starts to turns for her too !!!

Rating: 10/10