BreaKing Boundaries by Dee Len Chapter VIII: Life’s Complicated

BreaKing Boundaries Chapter 8 CoverBreaKing Boundaries Chapter VIII: Life’s Complicated
by Dee Len

Genre: Romance

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2017 by Dee Len



Now Vera just wants to be able to hold her family and her friends close. There have been enough disasters for one household and she prays for strength.


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Obstacles to be faced by Jean Ottaway on 10 March 2017

Vera, Fiona and Josh. Have much to come to terms with. The young couple start to become friends.

Vera has Frank’s house to clear out and all the memories and heartache that the house holds. Will Vera be able to cope? Will she find someone to help
her. What will happen to Fiona’s future??

Is there anyone out there who is willing and able to help?

What will happen to them all??

Rating: 10/10