BreaKing Boundaries by Dee Len

BreaKing Boundaries Chapter 1 CoverBreaKing Boundaries
by Dee Len

Genre: Romance

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2017 by Dee Len



The idea for this story came from a photograph that I was given showing a single jogger crossing an isolated bridge. The task was to write about what you thought had happened to the person, not what you saw but the bigger picture.

My thoughts grew on this theme, they went backwards and forwards through a whole lifetime of emotions, difficulties and solutions, not always practical, not always successful but raw and honest.

– Volume II to follow shortly –


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about the author

About nine years ago I fell into a very dark period, my husband was still working at that time and the days were long and lonely, when a very dear friend told me to write. Together we chose titles and challenged each other and this saved me from completely shutting down. I found, I actually enjoyed this escape. Back than, I wrote short stories but BreaKing Boundaries is something new. Becoming 10,000 words long. It just grew and grew. I have been so lucky to have had friends who edited it at times and allowed it to expand in both directions. So allow me to thank them now I am finally able to display it and also to give my heart felt thanks to all who have supported me to reach this place, also as always to Bibliophone!


listener reviews

A view from the other side by Jean Ottaway on 20 February 2017

This new book is set at the beginning of the war when parenting was heavy handed and life could be tough at home and at school. Joshua had no friends and home life was tough. What was in store for his future. Would be be strong enough to rise above the hate and hurt. Or would he become downtrodden abused and lonely?

Rating: 10/10