Buying Time by Mary Bevan

Buying Time by Mary BevanBuying Time
by Mary Bevan

Genre: Drama

Written by Mary Bevan and narrated by Suzie Althens
Copyright ©2016 by Mary Bevan



Suppose you were given the chance to live an hour of your life over again, doing something you wished you had done. How would you feel? And how might it change your outlook on things? This is the story of one man’s experience.



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about the author

After a long career as a University lecturer and Business Communications Consultant, Mary has at last begun to write as she always promised herself she would. At present she is concentrating on poetry, short stories and flash fiction, and likes to follow the oral tradition of reading her work aloud. She has won prizes in a number of competitions and story slams, and her pieces have been published in print and online in the US, Australia and the UK. She lives in the Dorset countryside with her husband.

Buying Time is narrated by Suzie Althens. Suzie lives in Alaska, where she records in a booth next to the pantry (just left of the garbanzo beans). When she isn’t narrating or staring at the mountains, Suzie is gardening, sketching or cooking for friends and family. You can find Suzie at and follow her on Twitter @SuzieAlthens or Facebook at

listener reviews

Wonderful by Sue on 29 April 2016

If only this could really happen. Thought it was brilliant.

Rating: 10/10


Thought provoking by Penny on 24 April 2016

I enjoyed this story, and thought the reader has done an excellent job. She really gets into the story and raises it to a new level.

Rating: 10/10


The magic of time saved by Viv on 23 April 2016

Thought provoking and magical, this story is believable yet mysterious.
If only we could revisit precious times!

Rating: 10/10


Well done Mary by Robin Wrigley on 21 April 2016

A fine tale of intrigue!

Rating: 10/10


Loved it! by linahoward on 21 April 2016

A great story by Mary, narrated perfectly by Suzie. Just right for a tea interlude when you need a break from work. And what a superb idea – if only!


Thought Provoking Story by della galton on 7 April 2016

A beautifully written thought provoking story about buying time. Oh that this were possible. We waste so much of it don’t we and we can’t buy one single second back. I wish we could. Lovely story.

Rating: 10/10