Coffee by Deborah Gasking

by Deborah Gasking

Genre: Romance

Written by Deborah Gasking and narrated by Patrice Gambardella
Copyright ©2016 by Deborah Gasking


BIBLIOPHONE 1000 Words Heard competition winner!


She reluctantly agrees to enter into an arranged marriage, for her dying father.

How to decide on that husband?




How does she make her decision? And is it a good one?


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about the author

Raised in a council (social) house in a family of eight, by the sea in the UK. Roamed the fields of the South Downs and messed around down the beach as a child. With her favourite sister.

Oh…and reluctantly attended school, when she wasn’t bunking off. And left with a minor qualification in art, only.

Worked hard, very hard, as she raised her two children by herself. In fact, so hard, it became a bad habit until she stopped and smelt the coffee.

Gave up work, lives on the proceeds of her graft, and plays.

Writing has become her most recent playground.

Again, that hard work. Within two months of her first attendance of a local writing group, she was running it. Then, within that first year, to her great surprise, she wins her first writing competition with ‘Coffee’.


about the narrator

Patrice has an eclectic background that’s as engaging as her narration style. As well as stage productions, corporate videos and art house films, Patrice has performed as a magician’s assistant and worked as a flight attendant. ‘I particularly enjoyed making announcements over the PA system,’ she says. Well, naturally!

Patrice’s vocal training takes in the prestigious Edge Studio, The Lee Strasberg Acting Workshop and The Catholic University of America. Read more and listen to her demos at


listener reviews

Well written…well read by Andy Stephens on 14 November 2016

Had meant to listen to this all day, and ended up listening to it in bed. I lay back and allowed the story to tell itself. An intelligent, female, transatlantic, voice instantly slid my brain into a relaxed but receptive mindset as the story unfolded. The familiarity of the subject: love, marriage, etc, felt strange in the context of a Jewish arranged marriage but this soon passed as one increasingly empathised with the narrator’s character. I found myself becoming totally immersed in the story when, suddenly, it had ended! More please…

Rating: 8/10