Cult of You by C. Stephen Foster

Stephen 111Cult of You
by C. Stephen Foster

Genre: Poetry

Written by C. Stephen Foster
Copyright ©2015 by C. Stephen Foster





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about the author

Stephen Foster is a comedic actor/writer.

It’s a loooong road from Bedford, TX to Hollywood. And it’s a long road from Hollywood to fame and fortune.  I decided to become an actor in 9th grade after accidentally signing up for a “stagecraft” class.

I became an actor because it was the only way I could find self-expression and self-esteem.  If you want to know all about my acting career path, read “Awakening the Actor Within.”  Between acting jobs, I picked up the habit of writing. I have written award-winning plays “The Green Room” (with Chuck Pelletier) and “Legends and Bridge” and screenplays “Rainbow Sticker” (with Chuck Pelletier) “Clubbed!” and “Pyramid Scheme”.  I started off my career doing theater in such notable plays as “Divanalysis” (with Scott Wilkerson) “Attitudes and the Dance” “7 Dreams of Falling” (which played at the Hollywood Fringe Festival) and “Attitudes and the Dance”

Lately, I have been featured in indie movies and webisodes:”Off Hollywood”, “Studio Lot”, “C.P.R.”What’s My Intention?” (co-written by me and Joel Craig), “Hidden Hills” (which premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival) the award-winning “David Whiting Story”, “Expect Delays”, and “99% Gang”. My dream is to be a top comedic genius like Buster Keaton but would settle for Carol Burnett.

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