Escape by Allie van den Heuvel

Escape by Allie van den HeuvelEscape
by Allie van den Heuvel

Genre: Suspense

Written by Allie van den Heuvel and narrated by Rebecca Roberts
Copyright ©2016 by Allie van den Heuvel


An entire life’s journey in under 1000 words.

Escape is the BIBLIOPHONE1000 Words Heard Competition winner!

The competition rules were simple: tell a story in no more than 1000 words. Allie’s story, chosen from a plethora of high calibre entries, was judged the winner by fabulous narrator and guest judge Rebecca Roberts.

The prize: her story recorded in a studio by Rebecca and featured at the top of Bibliophone’s home page for a month. And tweeted every day for the same.

And the first 1000 Words Heard Competition we’ve run has proven so popular that we’re going to do it again. So keep an ear out!





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about the author

Allie van den Heuvel is a uni student with a passion for writing. Currently studying Journalism and Media in Australia she hopes to continue her short stories in and expand her knowledge of the written word in various media so as to round out her studies in Communication.

listener reviews

The Struggle For And The Price Of Freedom by Steve Blizin on 21 March 2016

The writing here is excellent, well conceived and the hook is set quiet early. I enjoyed this story (even though my personal beliefs are deeply against this sort of thing.) I felt the narrator was very well suited to the tale, delivering just the right amount of mystery and suspense. Well done all!

Rating: 10/10