Fairy Magic by Dee Len

fairy-magic-by-dee-len-coverFairy Magic
by Dee Len

Genre: Fairy Tale

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2016 by Dee Len



At the end of a glorious summer, a group of Fairies awake to find that their forest home has grown cold and dark. In typical fairy fashion, they gather together to hatch a cunning plan.


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about the author

The photograph on my front cover was taken whilst walking through the amazing English Countryside where I can say, I have rarely seen such an inspirational sight and from which origins I wrote a story, Starting once upon a time …..


listener reviews

Reviewed by Jean Ottaway on 11 November 2016

The story has imagination mixed with fantasy. It has a little drama a magic twist and interesting solution

Rating: 4/10

Autumn’s lesson by Jane Viner on 20 November 2016

A wonderfully magical story that teaches us about the splendour of the season, Autumn being the time of the year where we let go of that, that no longer serves us so we can make space for the new to enter into our lives.

Rating: 10/10