From the Directorate by Vera Kartalou

Εκ της Διευθύνσεως (From the Directorate)
by Vera Kartalou

Genre: Flash Fiction

Written by Vera Kartalou and narrated by Sakis Georgopoulos
Copyright ©2017 by Vera Kartalou



This story was written for the website “121 Words”, which is a project dedicated to showcasing, promoting and spreading flash fiction literature, thereby creating a new writing community. Here you can listen to short greek stories of exactly 121 words by Vera Kartalou.

Αυτές οι ιστορίες γράφτηκαν για την ιστοσείδα “121 Λέξεις” που είναι ένα πρότζεκτ αφιερωμένο στην διάδοση και ανάδειξη της λογοτεχνίας flash fiction με σκοπό τη δημιουργία μίας νέας συγγραφικής κοινότητας. Εδώ μπορείτε να ακούσετε μικρές ελληνικές ιστορίες των 121 λέξεων ακριβώς από την Βέρα Καρτάλου.


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about the author

Vera Kartalou has a university degree in Marketing and Public Relations. Also, she is a comicbook scriptwriter and author of multiple fantasy comics and books as well as curator of art and comic group exhibitions. She uses writing as a way of expression and creation, believing in the mixture of different forms of art for one aesthetic purpose. She is the creator of the flash fiction literature website “121 Words” along with Lydia Elioglou.

You can find Vera on her website, on Twitter @121_words and Facebook at /121words


about the narrator

Sakis Georgopoulos is a voice over talent who speaks both Greek and English.

You can get to know Sakis at, on Twitter @sakisdesonic and Facebook at /sakisdesonic