Fun in the Snow by Dee Len

Fun In The Snow by Dee Len CoverFun in the Snow
by Dee Len

Genre: Fantasy

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2016 by Dee Len



Andrew and Robin were ready to fly off on their first big adventure and were both feeling so excited having won the skiing competition, but that was before they realised their regular childminder wouldn’t be able to look after their small son Aidan. It seemed now their only choice would be to ask Robin’s elderly parents and they worried how would he cope?


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The magic snowfight by Jean Ottaway on 16 December 2016

a delightful little story, about a four year old who has to spend time with his grandparent. Alfie gets separation anxiety and does not speak after his parents leave.
The magic and excitement of a playing in the snow with his grandfather helps Alfie to forget his anxiety he laughs and starts to speak.

Rating: 9/10