In the Garden by Alicia Rayn

In The Garden CoverIn the Garden
by Alicia Rayn

Genre: Short story

Written by Alicia Rayn and narrated by Duncan Stripp
Copyright ©2016 by Alicia Rayn


In the Garden chronicles the final moments of a life well-lived – not a famous or extraordinary life, but one filled with the beauty of a garden and the love of a mother for her son. As only a mother could, Delia reassures her son that beauty and love persist to the end, though body and mind may both diminish.





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about the author

Alicia is a small press and indie author who writes love stories across several genres, from romance to comedy. You can find her work on the new Radish Fiction app (available on iOS and coming to Android in June) as well as at Amazon and other online retailers. Visit her at where you can sign up to get notified when she releases new books. She’s also on Twitter as @WriterGirlAR and Facebook at

In the Garden is narrated by Duncan Stripp.

Duncan lives in High Wycombe, about 25 miles west of London with his partner of 8 years, and enjoys photography, TV and reading, but his big passion is movies. He has narrated stories on and has voiced speeches at Vital Speeches of the Day: You can connect with Duncan on Twitter at @dstrippvoice