Into the mouth of the Shark by Dee Len

Into the mouth of the Shark
by Dee Len

Genre: Adventure

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2017 by Dee Len



Marie and Dennis start out on an unexpected holiday, it isn’t glamorous but working through the problems of place and comfort they find the strength to enjoy the Country and the people they meet within an experience they will never forget.


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about the author

There is lots of imagination used to create stories but without experience they often lack the emotion that transforms them into reality to your audience. So in this particular piece fact and fiction have joined hands.

listener reviews

home sweet home by Maria Adams on 29 June 2017

In the beginning time share holidays were a big gamble many went through great hardship to fund what was meant to be the dream of a life time. Sadly for many the experience was so so far from that. Bringing sadness disappointment and despair at the reality that they found when they visited their holiday destination, for the first time.
As described so well in this story. Even in the face of disappointment there is humour and love. Which make it and great story to read

Rating: 10/10