Keep on the Sunny Side by Owen Banner

keep-on-the-sunny-side-coverKeep on the Sunny Side
by Owen Banner

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Written by Owen Banner and narrated by Rebecca Roberts
Copyright ©2016 by Owen Banner


BIBLIOPHONE 1000 Words Heard competition winner!


A conversation between a pregnant woman and her husband evolves into something more sinister as the eggs sputter in the skillet.


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about the author

owen-banner-author-imageAuthor of a different breed of thrillers, Owen Banner spent his childhood baptized in the red dirt of Mandeville, Jamaica and his adolescence in the neon morass of Manila in the Philippines. He’s lived in or traveled to countries all over the planet, nourished by their people and cultures. These diverse voices plant the seeds of his stories, which twist genre and seek new perspectives. His novels are intense and character-driven, exploding with action and sizzling with description and dialogue, never losing sight of the complexity of the people and places that populate them. His first novel, Hindsight is a high-octane psychological thriller of terrorism and crime. Kirkus Reviews calls it “a high-stakes suspense novel with a breakneck pace and strong voice”. Offered on Amazon for $2.99, you can download it for a limited time for free at Pick up your copy today and strap in for the ride.


about the narrator

Rebecca is a great friend of ours here at Bibliophone and was the first guest narrator-judge in our original 1000 Words Heard competition. The many testimonials written of Rebecca’s talents range from, ‘Fast, professional, with a great understanding of tone, pacing, and inflection’, to her ability ‘to portray a more mature journey of self-discovery that included denial, confusion, and ultimate acceptance of truth’. She is ‘compelling, dramatic’ and perhaps most importantly of all, ‘easy to listen to.’ You can get to know Rebecca at, on Twitter @Rebeccas_Voice and Facebook at /RebeccaRobertsVoice