Lucky Lauren by David Sears

lucky-lauren-by-david-sears-coverLucky Lauren
by David Sears

Genre: Mystery

Written by David Sears
Narrated by Patrick Fraley
Copyright ©2016 by David Sears



BIBLIOPHONE 1000 Words Heard competition winner!

Captain Jake Swanger finds himself lost and alone in the night sky following a bombing raid over Germany. His crew dead, navigational aids destroyed, he has no hope of piloting his crippled Flying Fortress back to Allied territory before his last reserves of fuel are sucked from the tanks. He will be forced to ditch his bomber – or jump.

But as Swanger is about to give up hope, a saviour looms off his wingtip.


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about the author

I am an aspiring author and Lucky Lauren is my first serious attempt at writing. I loved the idea of having a short story narrated so the 1000 Words Heard competition seemed like a great idea. I didn’t expect to win! Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained..

I have a fledgling Twitter profile at so by all means stop by for a chat!

I am grateful to the wonderful Pat Fraley for choosing my story and bringing it so convincingly to life.


about the narrator

patrick-fraley-imagePatrick Fraley has guided more performers into productive careers than anyone in the history of voice over.

You can find out more about his work at