Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Bibliophone will never give or sell your personal information to outside bodies/organisations or individuals. Your privacy is important to us here at Bibliophone so please take some time to read through our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We collect information so that we can make improvements to the service we offer you as a user of this site. This may relate to book recommendations, or, if used, any advertising on the site.

You do not need to be a member to use Bibliophone, but if you do sign up for any membership programme with us, we will collect your personal contact information, including such details as telephone number, email address, postal address, IP addresses, page views, browser information and in some cases third parties may supply this service to us. This information is used to help us improve the site and to offer its users a better experience.


Although you do not need to sign up as a member of this site in order to enjoy some of its services, such as exploring the audiobooks available and listening to them, you will need to become a member in order to leave reviews and publish your own work. As a publisher, you are permitted to submit your work under a pseudonym or ‘pen name’ and Bibliophone will never reveal your true identity.

Email policy

Bibliophone will send occasional email communications to its members. The content of these emails might include, but is not limited to, information on your audiobook such as the number of times it has been listened to, reviews received and updates to our service. You are of course welcome to opt out of receiving these emails and should you wish to do so, please contact us.

Advertising policy

Bibliophone reserves the right to place adverts on its site, and also to use adverts to promote the service we offer. We may in future look at ways to integrate advertising into audiobook files as a way of generating revenue for Bibliophone and its authors. We will not force this upon our authors however, but instead feature it as an option.

Adult content

As with all book stores, Bibliophone permits its authors to record adult content. For details on this please see our Terms of Use. We ask that our authors notify listeners that the work contains adult themes and we make every attempt to monitor this. Should an audiobook contain an adult theme or adult content, and it is not marked as such, we invite listeners to notify us of this so that we can take the appropriate steps. These may include temporary or permanent removal of the audiobook, or amending the adult notification of the audiobook on the site. If any audiobook is deemed to contain overtly offensive or graphic scenes of a violent or sexual nature, and is in breach of Bibliophone’s content policy as laid out in our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to remove that audiobook from the site.

Cookies policy

Bibliophone and any third parties (such as Google Analytics) may collect and store information when you use our service. This can include sending one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device. We use these files to collect information about how you browse the site.


Bibliophone may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time so we recommend that you return to it so that you are aware of any updates. We may send email communications to our members regarding any changes mentioned here.