The Blue Velvet Couch by Nina Kitty Kemp

The Blue Velvet Couch CoverThe Blue Velvet Couch
by Nina Kitty Kemp

Genre: Mystery

Written and narrated by Nina Kitty Kemp
Copyright ©2017 by Nina Kitty Kemp



This story is about a young boy who finds an expensive engagement ring down the side of a Blue velvet couch and his decision to remain silent…


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about the author

Nina Kitty Kemp a new writer who enjoys reading, writing and listening to other people’s works. this web site Bibliophone has literally given me a voice…an opportunity to be heard. I hope you may enjoy my contributions.


listener reviews

excellent by Vikki Stephens on 20 February 2017

i am not a reader and I have only ever listened to audio books of children’s stories. I really enjoyed this story, especially because I wanted to know what happened. The story is read very well, I enjoyed hearing the narrator’s voice, she was calming, clearly spoken and a joy to hear. well done

Rating: 10/10