The Butterfly by Gregory Heath

The Butterfly CoverThe Butterfly
by Gregory Heath

Genre: Suspense

Written by Gregory Heath and narrated by Pamela van der Wal

Copyright ©2016 by Gregory Heath

Kelly watched him as he pulled himself up into a sitting position. His eyes were sunken and dark. There were beer cans lying around him, like her daddy had at Christmas, although her daddy would have tidied them up. ‘Aren’t you being a bit brave?’ he said, ‘inviting yourself into my garden?’

She bit her lip and cast her glance sideways. ‘I was looking for a butterfly. It was yellow.’



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about the author

Gregory Heath is a British writer from a little town called Melbourne, in Derbyshire, England. His poems and short stories appear regularly in literary journals, and he has published two novels.

His work often involves characters who struggle to communicate with the people around them, and this idea forms the basis of his first novel, ‘The Entire Animal’, which was published in 2006 by The Waywiser Press.

His second novel, ‘Thoughts of Maria’, published in 2013 by Open Books, continues this theme, but also touches on wider issues such as drugs, arranged marriages and sexual obsession.

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The Butterfly is narrated by the multilingual voice talent Pamela van der Wal, who records in Dutch, Flemish, English and German.

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