The Christmas Box by Nina Kitty Kemp

The Christmas Box by Nina Kitty Kemp CoverThe Christmas Box
by Nina Kitty Kemp

Genre: Adult Romance

Written and narrated by Nina Kitty Kemp
Copyright ©2017 by Nina Kitty Kemp



The story is about betrayal and infidelity……Lust…..and the courage to move on making a new life.


The author has indicated this work contains some adult content. This is how we advise authors about adult content.


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about the author

Nina Kitty Kemp is a new writer, who likes to take a close up view of people’s emotions, exploring real life situations and the solutions they find to overcome.


listener reviews

good story by Vikki Stephens on 20 February 2017

I enjoyed this story because its real, this does happen to people and far too often. Its an emotional story and very well read. well done

Rating: 10/10