The Experiment by Ellie Martin

The Experiment
by Ellie Martin

Genre: Light Read

Written and narrated by Ellie Martin
Copyright ©2017 by Ellie Martin



This Experiment will be well remembered particularly among the older generation, when it would have been a common game, back then maybe a lucky few failed but for most of us it did not … now let’s hope it will soon fade into obscurity.

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about the author

I was born in the East End of London in an area that was still covered by wartime debris, where we lived in an old house supported by three wooden buttresses. It was small and very cold in winter, heated by a coal fire and a paraffin stove where Mum worked endlessly shopping, cooking and cleaning everything manually.

What a change to the life we live now surrounded with technology at our fingertips, yet, personally I feel I have been privileged to have experienced that time, to have had a foot in each camp, be it modern or out dated, because even though push button A/B telephones and black and white TV doesn’t sound terribly interesting to the young, the community and determination of the people of those days continually pull so many of my emotional cords.


listener reviews

Oh for the Curious by Maria Adams on 25 July 2017

It was tried by so many, for so many different reasons!! To look good, to be like others, just curiosity. It was tried without permission so the dare devil element was also ignited. It usually ended up making the perpetrator cough, turn green, be sick, feel ill or worse.

It became a habit, then an addiction.

We called it ” Smoking”.

A very well scripted story of how two friends tried this strange habit and what happened next!!!

Rating: 10/10