The Ghost Of El Borracho by Steve Blizin

The Ghost Of El Borracho Cover ImageThe Ghost Of El Borracho
by Steve Blizin


Genre: Poetry

Written and narrated by Steve Blizin
Copyright ©2016 by Steve Blizin


A dark southwestern flavored cowboy poem.



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about the author

Steve began his voice-over career by disrupting classes in school with silly voices. It’s only fitting he’s finally made a career out of it. Steve is an author, a narrator and host of the Drift & Ramble podcast at His latest audiobook releases and other projects can be found at

listener reviews

Hauntingly beautiful by Good Listener on 21 June 2016

Loved it! I can’t remember the last time I actually listened to somebody read a poem, but this poem is so haunting and the narration is so outstanding, I’m going to seek out more spoken poetry. The poem itself is skillfully crafted and lyrically tells an epic story of lawlessness, love, jealousy, violence and the paranormal. The narrator’s delivery sets a dark tone, and really engrosses you in the story. Very well done!

Rating: 10/10