The Right Ingredients by Stephanie Hutton

the-right-ingredients-by-stephanie-hutton-coverThe Right Ingredients
by Stephanie Hutton

Genre: Drama

Written by Stephanie Hutton and narrated by Jaicie Kirkpatrick
Copyright ©2016 by Stephanie Hutton


BIBLIOPHONE 1000 Words Heard competition winner!


A pregnant teenager trapped in foster care tries to find the perfect recipe to give her baby a different life from the one she has endured.


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about the author

Stephanie Hutton is a clinical psychologist and writer in Staffordshire, UK who believes in the therapeutic value of short fiction. She has published her work online and in print. Find her at and @tiredpsych.


about the narrator

Listening to Jaicie’s voice, we think you’ll agree, is the best way to get an understanding for her enthusiasm and natural talent for narration. ‘Having an ear for accents,’ she says, ‘it’s a pleasure to “imitate” the voices I’ve heard throughout my life’s journey. I believe in everyone, from top to bottom, having fun while creating a very professional product for you.’ Head over to for more on Jaicie and her voice talents, or find her @Jaicie_VO.