The Rootstock by Dee Len

The Rootstock
by Dee Len

Genre: Light Read

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2017 by Dee Len



Kerry had been sent to and then ill treated at the orphanage, a place where she should have been nurtured and loved, however one day there was someone, who eventually realised very often a person can still have natural talents that even prolonged persecution … cannot destroy.


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about the author

I stopped working full time approximately ten years ago and like all major life changes, it took time to find myself again. For a couple of years I did part-time work and played with colouring, drawing and even studying wild flowers, but not very successfully, I have to admit, until a very close friend challenged me to write.

I loved everything about it, choosing names for the characters, researching plots and building emotions from all of life’s little gems. Back then I never believed anyone would ever listen to my stories but now I hope that they will, moreover enjoy the experience and like me want to keep coming back.


listener reviews

A new beginning by Jean Ottaway on 19 September 2017

A story of a young girl and how quickly life can change; unexpectedly everything is different and she is misunderstood. By a complete stranger Kerry is given a chance to become the person she was always meant to be. A new life and the opportunity to blossom. A beautiful delicate story that touches all emotions.

Rating: 10/10