The Spy by Dee Len

the-spy-coverThe Spy
by Dee Len

Genre: Conspiracy

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2017 by Dee Len



Harry Stone is an alias hiding not just the name but the man behind it. Harry hopes that his real identity will never be called upon again but when that happens, it could not have come at a worse time.


The author has indicated this work contains some adult content. This is how we advise authors about adult content.


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about the author

Writing is something I have always enjoyed, an escape into a world of fantasy, but with a little bit of yourself mixed in. There are always times when things go blank and ideas are hard to come by so it is great to be able to record the ones that have been successful and hope that others will enjoy them too.


listener reviews

Who am I by Jean Ottaway on 17 April 2017

A story based around undercover work. The horrors and the pitfalls. The risks that are taken by operating agents. How quickly fortunes can change. How families can be put into danger with a single act.
A moment of weakness can turn life on its head for an agent and his loved ones. Will agent Stone be a hero or a fool. A very gripping read.

Rating: 10/10