The Telephone Rang in the Empty Room by Dee Len

the-telephone-rang-in-the-empty-room-by-dee-len-coverThe Telephone Rang in the Empty Room
by Dee Len

Genre: Adventure

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2016 by Dee Len



George, Frank and Ernie planned to rob the local convenience store in broad day light, George was the brains of the operation Frank the muscle and Ernie the fool…….


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about the author

This is a slightly different story for me, I don’t do funny but hope there is a little humour in this piece, please give it a go.


listener reviews

it all went wrong by Jean Ottaway on 13 December 2016

This has an amusing theme running throughout.
An easy read about a robbery that does not go to plan!!!
The gang were not of the highest mentality and the story reveals the up and downs of the planned robbery where highly amusing and well written. It almost worked out, but only almost, find out why and how.

Rating: 9/10