The Villager by Matt Kruze

Smashwords cover the villagerTHE VILLAGER

Genre: Thriller






“A neat little thriller…”

A tranquil village.

An international conspiracy.

A predator with diabolical intentions.

Returning home to his corner of rural Buckinghamshire, former Paratrooper and Afghanistan veteran Sam Faris receives a disturbing call from his friend Celia.

Celia’s husband Andrew has descended into an emotional abyss, barely able to communicate. Desperate to identify the source of his sudden malaise, Celia turns to Sam for help.

But Andrew’s fate has been sealed. A stranger is stalking the village and in a conspiracy that will rock the very core of international security, Sam’s fellow villagers will be taken one by one until his home is rendered a ghost town.

Fresh from a brutal tour of duty in Kabul, Sam must call upon every facet of his combat experience to outwit this strange and terrifying presence. But it’s a different and more deadly arena here on his own streets, and the enemy has a chilling agenda.

“Every chapter without fail ends on a nerve-shredding cliff hanger…”

The author has indicated this work contains some adult content. This is how we advise authors about adult content.

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about the author

“A few weeks ago I bought a second hand Samson Go Mic from eBay for £20 and, using the free software at Audacity, decided to try my hand at recording one of my short stories. This is the result! I’m fairly happy with the quality and I hope you enjoy the story. I’m no actor though so if the sound of my voice irritates you in any way, feel free to search my ebooks on Amazon and Smashwords where you can read without listening!”