The Wearing of The Green by Rosalind Ambler

the-wearing-of-the-green-by-rosalind-ambler-coverThe Wearing of The Green
by Rosalind Ambler

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Written by Rosalind Ambler and narrated by Pamela van der Wal
Copyright ©2016 by Rosalind Ambler


BIBLIOPHONE 1000 Words Heard competition winner!

The Wearing of the Green came from a challenge to members of the Devizes Writers Group to write something inspired by various pictures of footwear. Most were tragic sandals worn by refugees trekking across deserts, but I’m afraid the green wellies picture brought out the flippant in me, leading to a Mayfair mistress exciting her exotic lover in a pair of Hunters.


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about the author

Rosalind Ambler has written for a living, in that she wrote travel brochures for many years. Fiction only started on joining the Devizes Writers’ Group which stretches the mind by giving members a subject to chew on every month. She has a passion for radio drama, and has contributed to a soap opera for Warminster Community Radio, as well as writing a spoof version of The Archers on the Archers Anonymous facebook site, brought about by the broadcast storyline getting just too gruesome.


about the narrator

The Wearing of The Green is narrated by the multilingual voice talent Pamela van der Wal, who records in Dutch, Flemish, English and German.

You can find Pamela, and listen to her demos, on her website:

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