UrbEx by Edgar Million

edgarmillionpodcast Cover Image1UrbEx
by Edgar Million
Genre: Horror

Written and narrated by Edgar Million
Copyright ©2016 by Edgar Million.

I shouldn’t be here.
I only broke into the old asylum to take a few photos, UrbEx style, but now he’s downstairs, carrying a sack with what appears to be a body in it.
I need to escape, but every way I turn leads me closer into the trap.

Notice: This work contains adult content.


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about the author

Edgar Million’s books are mostly sci-fi, with a dash of fantasy, horror and contemporary fiction thrown in.

I have numerous stories available on Smashwords all free of charge and one short novel, A Button To Save the World.

I grew up in London and studied Art and Animation at Central St Martins and Surrey Institute of Art and Design, and thanks to Smashwords have finally found something to do with all the short stories I write to distract me from the novel I’m now attempting to edit.

The novel, my first full length book, is going to be called “Ordinary” and would have published already if I didn’t keep being interrupted by regularly having to attend a day job to earn money.