Walls and Whiskers by Dee Len

Walls and Whiskers CoverWalls and Whiskers
by Dee Len

Genre: Fantasy

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2017 by Dee Len



Tony and Miya are given a precious gift but to own it they have to be able to nurture the surrounding land, while embracing all that dwells within.
Then having been capable of accepting these changes, their lives will never be in darkness again.


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about the author

I stopped working full time approximately ten years ago in 2007 and like most people, I found it difficult, as with all major changes it took me quite a long time to find myself again.

For a couple of years I did part time work, then played with colouring, drawing and studying wild flowers, not very successfully, I have to admit.

Until a very close friend challenged me to write, I loved everything about it, choosing the names for the characters, researching plots, building emotions and trying to capture all the other things in our lives that make them so interesting.

Back then I never believed anyone would listen to my work, but now I truly hope that they will, moreover, that they will enjoy the experience and like me keep coming back.


listener reviews

The old and the new by Jean Ottaway on 30 May 2017

A delightful story about how nature and humans can live together in harmony. How the cutting of trees and grass can cause fear and unrest to the natural world, where animals live work and play, look for food and want to be to be at peace with the human kind.

Read how a young couple find a new home that has the most surprising visitors and a cellar that holds more than they could ever imagine. Where a spark for the love of nature could become reignited.

Rating: 10/10