Widow’s Walk by Allison Walters Luther

widows-walk-by-allison-walters-luther-coverWidow’s Walk
by Allison Walters Luther

Genre: Women’s Historical Fiction

Written by Allison Walters Luther and narrated by Suzie Althens
Copyright ©2016 by Allison Walters Luther


BIBLIOPHONE 1000 Words Heard competition winner!

In WIDOW’S WALK, Margie thinks about the meaning of marriage, family, and a lost love, as she learns that her disabled husband is dying of consumption.


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about the author

When she’s not chasing after her three children, Allison Walters Luther is busy writing, mainly within the historic, horror, and thriller genres, striving to create strong characters and vivid imagery. Her flash fiction pieces have been honored multiple times by Wow! Women On Writing (Summer 2015, Winter 2016, and Spring 2016). Her short story The Cicatrix placed 4th in the Short Fiction Break 5th Annual Writing Contest. Her micro fiction The Touch appeared in the inaugural issue of Speculative 66 (both in written and audio formats), and The Waitress recently placed in the Top 12 in the Channillo 2016 Short Story Contest. She is currently working on her first novel, ‘Bad River’, set in 1860s Dakota Territory. She lives near Seattle. You can read about her family’s journey with autism at simondoesntsay.com or you can find her on Twitter @AllisonLuther.


Buying Time is narrated by Suzie Althens. Suzie lives in Alaska, where she records in a booth next to the pantry (just left of the garbanzo beans). When she isn’t narrating or staring at the mountains, Suzie is gardening, sketching or cooking for friends and family. You can find Suzie at www.suziealthens.com and follow her on Twitter @SuzieAlthens or Facebook at facebook.com/Suzie-Althens-Narrator