Winter’s Promise by Jason Renton

Winter's Promise CoverWinter’s Promise
by Jason Renton

Genre: Poetry




My second poem here at Bibliophone! As you might be able to tell, I am inspired by the earth we live on and the systems of nature which surround us, not forgetting the weather cycle which, like most Brits, I tend to bemoan all too often. ‘Winter’s Promise’ is about a season which comes freighted with the disappointment of an indifferent climate, but which progresses into Spring nevertheless, when all begins again. It is narrated by the wonderful Frank Di Piazza.

Copyright ©2015 by Jason Renton





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about the author

Jason Renton is an amateur poet inspired by the sights, sounds and seasons here on planet earth.

‘Winter’s Promise’ is narrated by the writer, voice talent, and audio book narrator Frank Di Piazza. If you are in search of a voice over talent, Frank can be found on Twitter @FrankNarrates