Zachariah and the Fair by Dee Len

Zachariah and the Fair by Dee Len CoverZachariah and the Fair
by Dee Len

Genre: Romance

Written and narrated by Dee Len
Copyright ©2017 by Dee Len



This story is a classic girl meets boy, where two young people fall into an impossible relationship caught up in the excitement of the fair that comes to town, which tragically can only stay for two weeks.


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about the author

It has been a very long time since I was young and so easily infatuated but memories of young love will always bring a smile to my lips.


listener reviews

loves lost dream by Jean Ottaway on 5 January 2017

A beautiful story that many people can relate to. A girl meets boy story; where love starts to bloom.
and romance comes form every corner of your world and sudden disappears.Leaving behind only tears, disappointment and hurt. Well worth listening too, the story has a familiar feel to it. The end is in sight but a tiny mystery as to how it will happen.

Rating: 9/10