Artifice: Chapters 12 to 18 of 39 by Eric Bickernicks

Artifice Cover imageArtifice: Chapters 12 to 18 of 39
by Eric Bickernicks

Genre: Comedy

Written by Eric Bickernicks
Copyright ©2017 by Eric Bickernicks



Chapter 12 – Sparky’s Garage
Chapter 13 – The MFA
Chapter 14 – Art Gallery
Chapter 15 – DLC Loading Dock
Chapter 16 – DLC Headquarters
Chapter 17 – Linda’s Apartment
Chapter 18 – DLC Loading Dock (Night)

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The author has indicated this work contains some adult content. This is how we advise authors about adult content.


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about the author

Story first…screw genre. C’mon, how much literary ‘pizza and beer’ can one consume? (I guess a lot) Hello obscurity. #nonconformist.

Author website:

Woo hoo! I thought I lost you guys (David & Jason) there for a moment. Big question: who ELSE is listening? I was gonna offer $1 via Paypal for anyone who just types “I’M LISTENING”. I wonder if Ellie Martin is? (Damn, she’s banging out all sorts of stuff on here.) Paul (the sysop) SAID he was gonna listen, but he’s probably too busy uploading all this crap. 😉

Up next: the another big “inciting incident.” Or maybe it’s the “first act turn”?


listener reviews

Engaging characters by Rebecca Dyson on 20 June 2017

For a story that’s supposedly plot-driven (and the plot is great, don’t get me wrong) the evolving relationship between the main character and his new girlfriend, and the involvement of the villain of the piece (?) I have to say that it’s a very character-driven plot 🙂 Awesome story.

Rating: 10/10

The Belly of the Beast! by Jason Renton on 21 June 2017

Ha, sorry Eric I can’t speak for David but I for one am still on this ride. It just takes me a little while to find a slot to listen. But still loving it 🙂 Excellent mix of comedy and tension as Gavin decides to enter Gary Eastman’s domain and finds a strange and bizarre revelation therein. Can’t wait for the next chapters and yes, fully echo Rebecca’s sentiments re Gavin and Linda’s developing relationship.

Rating: 10/10

More revelations, more mystery! by David Sears on 22 June 2017

Gavin digs into the strange goings on at DLC headquarters and makes a few startling discoveries. But with everything he learns comes another question.

Gripping stuff and as others have already pointed out, funny too.

And sorry Eric, I’ve been too long absent but I’m having a busy time of things! Still fully engaged though 🙂

Rating: 10/10