Artifice: Chapters 19 to 24 of 39 by Eric Bickernicks

Artifice Cover imageArtifice: Chapters 19 to 24 of 39
by Eric Bickernicks

Genre: Satire

Written by Eric Bickernicks
Copyright ©2017 by Eric Bickernicks



Chapter 19 – Ikea
Chapter 20 – Artist Loft
Chapter 21 – MOBA
Chapter 22 – Artist Loft
Chapter 23 – Moaning Lisa Bistro
Chapter 24 – Big Pine Key

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The author has indicated this work contains some adult content. This is how we advise authors about adult content.


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about the author

Story first…screw genre. C’mon, how much literary ‘pizza and beer’ can one consume? (I guess a lot) Hello obscurity. #nonconformist.

Author website:

OK, I think I lost David and Jason, but now have Rebecca! 🙂

re: main character and his girlfriend. I’ve been getting some positive feedback on this, which is surprising, because I kind of threw Linda in there at the last minute. If the book was just going to be Gavin and his friends talking about art, then the thing would end up being a giant sausage fest. 🙂 Most of the embarrassing interplay stuff between Gavin and Linda is taken right from my life. :-/

listener reviews

More depth than you’d think from a satire by David Sears on 3 July 2017

I’m beginning to realise that the other characters in this story serve to add some great perspective and depth. Bret, for example, makes me laugh out loud (embarrassing if I’m listening in public with headphones). The mystery does indeed continue, and continues to baffle me. But I’m absolutely hooked. I also love the flavour of adventure in this story, particularly Gavin’s and Linda’s trip to Big Pine Key, which of course has elements of the farcical to it.

Rating: 10/10

Next please! by Rebecca Dyson on 2 July 2017

Still really enjoying this tale of the art world and the mysterious seedy side of it (which remains exactly that – a mystery, I can’t figure out Mr Eastman’s design!). Gavin learns that while his ideas of ‘art’ might be somewhat in contrast with his paymaster’s, you never look a gift horse in the mouth. If it pays, it’s all good! Keep up the good work Eric, can’t wait for the next chapters..

Rating: 10/10

Back to you Eric by Ellie Martin on 27 June 2017

Hi! Thank you for your review it was cool to get your comments and I agree description could be so much more. I do keep these stories particularly snappy, I call them my coffee moment collection…sounds catchy…no!

Yes I was born in London, East End, but my father was very much talk correctly straight back type so we didn’t use grandmother who lived with me being 9 years old, however, knew and used lots of rhyming slang like (you’re in a state – a two & eight) bless the memories. Yes, Essex is my home now more Southend.

Rating: 10/10

I’m still listening by Ellie Martin on 22 June 2017

Okay, this is my second review so guess that makes $2 for my Paypal account? Amazing to hear IKea is exactly the same in England, meatballs included and on the MOBA if you don’t display your work and it only sits in the cupboard you might as well burn it? Don’t burn

Rating: 10/10