Artifice: Chapters 25 to 29 of 39 by Eric Bickernicks

Artifice Cover imageArtifice: Chapters 25 to 29 of 39
by Eric Bickernicks

Genre: Satire

Written by Eric Bickernicks
Copyright ©2017 by Eric Bickernicks



Chapter 25 – Artist Loft
Chapter 26 – Supermarket
Chapter 27 – Artist Loft
Chapter 28 – Brent’s Basement
Chapter 29 – Outside DLC Loading Dock

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about the author

Story first…screw genre. C’mon, how much literary ‘pizza and beer’ can one consume? (I guess a lot) Hello obscurity. #nonconformist.

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listener reviews

Gavin expands his options by David Sears on 24 July 2017

Gavin thinks he might be onto a good thing when he approaches Brent for more paintings, but will it all go to plan? Of course not!

Still, Brent makes some money for some awful artwork and Gavin doesn’t have to paint quite so much kindling. Win-win surely…

Rating: 10/10

Sinister men in black! by Jason Renton on 18 July 2017

Hey I’m still here, sorry I didn’t get a chance to write something on the last chapters but loved them and these too!

Mr Eastman is still toying with Gavin and seems to be deliberately insulting his work. When Gavin tries to take control of his art, he his visited by two of Eastman’s henchmen with a warning. Still, Gavin finds a way to stick it to his paymaster/nemesis…

Rating: 10/10

Disgustingly funny… by Rebecca Dyson on 16 July 2017

If you can stomach Gavin’s ‘message’ to Gary Eastman, you’ll see the funny side. And hey, it’s art right?!

I’m still enjoying the characters and the evolving plot, and will be checking out the next installments soon I promise 🙂

Rating: 10/10

Better late than never! by Dee Len on 4 July 2017

Hi! I have just looked in on Artifice such a lot of activity here….enjoyed the story so far, can’t work out what the next move is going to be?
The Men in Black don’t look friendly …. will they get to know he is using a substitute painter …is his life in danger intrigue like it!

And hey I wrote a novelette once look it up some time.

See you next week

Rating: 10/10