Artifice: Chapters 30 to 34 of 39 by Eric Bickernicks

Artifice Cover imageArtifice: Chapters 30 to 34 of 39
by Eric Bickernicks

Genre: Comedy

Written by Eric Bickernicks
Copyright ©2017 by Eric Bickernicks



Chapter 30 – Art Gallery
Chapter 31 – Brent’s Basement
Chapter 32 – John’s Apartment
Chapter 33 – Cafe Au Lait
Chapter 34 – John’s Apartment

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about the author

Story first…screw genre. C’mon, how much literary ‘pizza and beer’ can one consume? (I guess a lot) Hello obscurity. #nonconformist.

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listener reviews

Hide and seek by Ellie Martin on 13 July 2017

Eric, always you make me smile, today you made me chuckle, poor Gavin, he is scared and with only five more chapters left…I don’t know what is going to happen… Maybe he has to make a Masterpiece!!

Rating: 10/10